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The Celebrities Make the Show for the Los Angeles Lakers


The Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets in a close game at the Staples Center last night, which led to animated celebrations from the show business crowd. From Justin Timberlake, Drew Barrymore, Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson and T.I. to John Mayer, Timbaland, Leonardo DiCaprio, Spike Lee, Continue reading ‘The Celebrities Make the Show for the Los Angeles Lakers’


John Mayer Drunk = Michael Jackson

John Mayer emerges from “My House” club in Los Angeles with lipstick kisses all over his shirt… and doing Michael Jackson moves for the paparazzi.


Mr. Tom Witz Chronicles: How SEX & a GUITAR is relevant!!


When it comes to getting chicks and/or improving a relationship, a guitar is your best friend.

You might be looking at this like “WHAT IS TOM WITZ TALKING ABOUT?“. Women love men with talents, even playing a guitar at an amateur level it’s still considered a talent. If you google the rules of attraction, you will notice that having a SKILL is FUNDAMENTAL. There are 3 important requirements to “be awesome in her presence”, such as doing something most guys can’t do, has to be unique, and you have to be talented. And guess what? Playing a GUITAR answers all three.

Still don’t believe me? Well i’ll give you 5 reasons why a GUITAR will get you laid.

1. Just being able to play a quick melody on a Guitar, even tho you’re not good means you have talent. (Talent doesn’t mean you have to be good, it simply means that your doing something that not everyone’s doing.) And what did i say earlier? GIRLS LOVE TALENT.

2. If you play the guitar, girls will have something to tell their friends about you. Now imagine this sentense “He knows how to play  the guitar!”, imagine how far that sentence will take you. Remember if her friend’s aprove of you, then SHE approves of you. So a friends approval has always been one of the principles, and it works the same with guys right.

 3.You don’t gotta say much.  Think about it, when you play the GUITAR you become the center of attention, you don’t have to talk, and people just listen to the music. So if you run out of smooth lines and that awkward silences comes along, just whip out the GUITAR and the girl will be on you like meatballs in spagetti!

4.  Mentioning  your guitar is an easy topic of conversations. Whether your on a date or just meeting a girl, whether she is the most demanding girl or the shyest girl; the moment you mention that you know how to play the guitar, they’re all ears!!  However mentioning that you play the GUITAR won’t always work unless you talk about it with conviction. So if you mention that you play the GUITAR and you sound like your trying to hard to impress the girl or sound ashamed of it, then guess what? YOU FAILED! So be careful on how you say it.

& Last but not least….

5.  A GUITAR  is a sex object that makes you look sexy!! Don’t act suprised, girls love guys who play the  GUITAR no matter how you look. Short, tall, fat, skinny, wealthy, or broke just as long as you whip out that GUITAR ,you automatically become a male sex object.


*Still don’t believe me?

– John Mayer, Kiss, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Prince, John Lennon, Santana etc.

Most of these guys are not the most attractive looking guys, but what do they have in common aside from playing the GUITAR? Thats right the amount of PUSSY THEY GOT.



Guitar isn’t the only way to impress girls, practically any instruments or musical skills. GUITAR is just the easiest and most common option.